Customize the Cust-X analysis for your business's unique needs

Below find a list of the packages Cust-X offers. Each package provides unique benefits to your business, and with each package we guarantee to improve your customer experience. Packages incrementally build, with the "Cust-X 360" package being our most comprehensive analysis. You choose which is best for you and your customers customers, and we do the rest!

The "Frontline First" Package

With Cust-X's most basic package, we will look at the earliest part of the customer experience: brand perception formation. What is your marketing really telling your customers? What expectations are you setting? Is your brand streamlined with your goals? The 'Frontline First' package will help you answer these questions and improve your business.

The "Point Of Sale" Package

Combined with all of the benefits from the 'Frontline First' package, the 'Point Of Sale' package will put an anonymous Cust-X partner through your sales process. We will examine every sales channel and determine if your pre-life strategy is setting your customer up for early life satisfaction. This package combines the customer pre-life, with the point of sale, and finally the early term customer life.

The "Cust-X 360"

The 'Cust-X 360' package brings together every aspect of your customer journey. Combining all aspects of 'Frontline First' and 'Point Of Sale' packages, the 'Cust-X 360' package will put multiple anonymous Cust-X partners through the entire customer life. We will analyze how your customer experience promotes organic influencer and word of mouth marketing through hands on analysis, data analysis, and more.




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