Mission Statement

Cust-X Consulting focuses solely on the customer experience. We put your customer first, so your company's growth can follow.

Respected leaders across industries have noted that the downfall of business’s is not the innovation of competitors, rather failing to be customer centric. In our fast-paced digital marketplace, the importance this carries is amplified to the extreme.

Cust-X finds ways for your business to stay ahead of the game by maintaining customer centricity. We help you simplify the complex for your customers, and fix the things that really matter.

Our methodology has proven effective, and we guarantee we can improve your customer experience, which will improve your brand in the process.


Cust-X Consulting was founded by Matthew Crull in 2017, with the vision of helping companies improve all aspects of their business by maintaining a customer centric mentality. 

After noticing consistencies across businesses Matthew formed the Cust-X methodology. Focusing first on frontline interactions and brand perception formation, then building into point of sale and long term customer life analysis. 

Cust-X is focused completely on our motto, "If you're not customer centric, you're not success centric". We believe that bringing in an outside perspective to your customer experience is the first step toward organic customer centricity and growth.

Whether a business is big or small, local or international, start-up or established; customer experience is key in building a loyal customer base, promoting organic influencer marketing, and natural word of mouth marketing. 


Find below a list of our top executives. Partners and associates not found on this list are located across North America so we can better serve your business, and ensure Cust-X provides the best possible customer experience consulting in the industry.

Matthew Crull

Founder/ Head Partner

Matthew has work experience across industries and countries, with previous roles at Bell Canada, Stingray Digital, and Sprint Corporation. He is passionate about customer experience, the rapid digitalization of companies, and business strategy. Matthew is currently based in Montreal, Quebec.

Kade Wist

Head Of Analytics/ Partner

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Kade has completed work in consulting, marketing, and data analytics. Collaborating with universities and provincial bodies throughout western Canada, Kade brings incredible value to the executive team. Kade is currently based in Montreal, Quebec.

Peter Abrahamsen

Chief Financial Officer/ Partner

Peter is knowledgeable beyond his years in the space of economics and finance. Peter not only has traditional experience in the financial sector, but also has experience in new areas of the field; such as cryptocurrencies and FinTech. Peter is currently based in New York City.




Montreal, QC, Canada

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